Scope of Financial modeling in preset time

gyftftfdtfInvestment Banking
Investment Bankers helps companies raise funds in the capital markets, help build and execute merger and acquisition plans and advise companies on various financial / capital structuring issues. Investment Banking firms often have smaller groups focused on specialized areas such as private equity funding, IPOs, Derivatives, Mergers and Acquisitions and Advisory Services.

Financial KPOs: Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) has emerged as a new fast growing business sector. Lot of finance companies currently outsource research and financial analysis functions to KPOs because it is cost effective for them. When outsourcing of financial research started a few years back it was considered as low complexity back room information support for Investment Analysts from buy side and sell side firms. This activity has now moved up the value chain considerably and the world of outsourced research has evolved significantly for many reasons. Among them some of the prominent reasons are:

  • Regulatory changes that are pushing for transparency
    • Investment Banks doing research were not considered being completely unbiased.
  • Need for Investment Banks to remain profitable
    • Research expertise was earlier used as marketing and promotional tool by Investment banks to attract clients. Research was

WTM Account Books – Accounting & Finance Management Software

dnbdyhbrtyBusinesses need really simple accounting software. WTM IT Limited offers a “WTM Account Books” software with all the basic features as well as advance features.

WTM IT Limited provide the software at best price for all of its capabilities.

The WTM IT Limited use the criteria to develop to this software is customer management, supplier management, and sales order system, and purchase order system, reports for profit and loss, ledger balance and also for more important reports.

This software is affordable and easy to use. The software has the time-saving features, with this software time consuming work can done within few minutes. The software is easy to handle to every employee within the organization.

Features of the Software:

  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Item management
  • Sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Reports management
  • Analytical reports

    If you are searching for the best accounting software, WTM IT

    Limited offers you a best accounting software “WTM Account

    Books” at the best price. This is the very useful

Find and use exclusive SME finance services so that your enterprise thrives

imagesDubai presents unlimited opportunities for those who are interested in entrepreneurship. It has a large number of businesses that are thriving on all kinds of verticals. Many people come to Dubai to make their dreams come true. All this is easily possible owing to a sound and comprehensive finance system. The city boasts of housing some of the best financial institutions of the world.

Dubai is a city that has many business concerns of varying sizes all of which require finance at various stages of development. There are many companies that offer business loans at competitive rates. Loan processing and documentation has thus become quite simple today and most firms offer loans with many positive features. Processing is usually quite simple with very little or almost nothing held as collateral. Documentation is simple and the interest rates for loans is quite attractive and it is important to enquire quite comprehensively to find the loan which has terms and conditions that best suit the particular business concerns.

A large number of small and medium business enterprises flourish

How Do I Calculate Finance Charges?

accounting-bookkeeping-960-x-260Having some knowledge of how to calculate finance charges is always a good thing. Most lenders, as you know, will do this for you, but it can helpful to be able to check the math yourself. It is important, however, to understand that what is presented here is a basic procedure for calculating finance charges and your lender may be using a more complicated method. There may also be other issues attached with your loan which may affect the charges.

The first thing to understand is that there are two basic parts to a loan. The first issue is called the principal. This is the amount of money that is borrowed. The lender wants to make a profit for his services (lending you the money) and this is called interest. There are many types of interest from simple to variable. This article will examine simple interest calculations.

In simple interest deals, the amount of the interest (expressed as a percentage) does not change over the life of the loan. This is often called flat rate or fixed interest.


The Growing need for Professionals in the Business World

Today, like never before we are a global society with businesses that work with other businesses and corporations across the globe. This means that the need for those that have degrees in business are going to be in high demand for years to come.

There are many different types of business degrees one can choose that get their foot in the door of small businesses and large corporations around the world. In addition, with the invention of the internet, it is easier than to obtain a degree such as Villanova’s online MBA AACSB. Other universities also offer business degrees such as sports management at Adelphi University and for other business degrees, Marylhurst University.

If you are serious about a career instead of flipping burgers you need a higher education, but the problem is choosing one that will be in demand for years to come. Business, as well as healthcare, are both good choices as there will always be a need as new businesses are cropping up almost daily and they professionals that can handle the business end of their company.

Too many times, those with great ideas, start a business but since they do not have the education or

Careers In Finance

finance-experts-fa-12-21-2015Finance continues to be a top career choice among students across the world.  GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council) surveyed 10,000 individuals worldwide and found that 31 percent of graduates want Finance and Accounting. There are many reasons for this.  Firstly a career in finance allows you to build a skill set that works across industries and job profiles and it also gives you an opportunity to interact with key decision makers and stakeholders like banks, government, suppliers etc. But one of the key reasons students opt for finance is because of the wide array of job opportunities.

 The heart of corporate finance begins with the corporate, or the company. Regardless of which industry you choose, the finance function is indispensable. If we take a large company conglomerate like Mahindra or Reliance, you begin with the most basic, which is Financial Planning and Control. Financial planning and Control usually involves overseeing the accounting, financial, regulatory reporting for the firm. Preparing external financial Reports for public filings, tax and regulators. Monitor limits and maximize efficiency

Calendar of events and its features

Forex calendar economic events Calendar allows traders to form their outlook on the movement of currency and to improve the efficiency of its bidding strategy. Here, every detail matters.


Forex economic calendar is updated every day, this is followed by specialists from the company Forex. There are many economic sites where these forex printed documents, but its functionality they are almost identical. All the data fields have the same name: the name of an event occurring in the economy, the rating of its importance and more.

This document is quite useful trading tool for traders. In addition, you can use the filtering and selecting only the dates and time. An event news feed will highlight the most important aspects of the development of various economic indicators and understand how the forex market reacts to them.

Indicator Color also is important, so you need to be paid to how it differs from the predicted figure compiled, for example for forex euro dollar forecast There are three primary colors:

red – a new record worse than predicted by analysts

green – a new record is better predicted by analysts

gray – forecast compiled by analysts, coincided with the real indicator.

Sometimes at the end of

Online Casino To Choose

Less to doubt, to choose the right online casino that worth your money it is not that easy. It takes some investigative work and some other effort to rest assured that online casino that you pick won’t trick you. There are things to keep in mind when selecting any online casino, but first thing’s first, pay attention toward the reliability of the online casino itself as you don’t expect spend your money where you have no chance to win it back. Customer service is the next thing to consider.

Try to contact them, say that you experience inconvenient situation, simply choose your next option. Another, it is about the device that support the game, can you play them through your other device like tablet or some or only through your PC. Lastly, figure out about payout rate and as well the games that are offered to you. However, there is another simple way that cut down the aforesaid processes like considering a site where you get many of reliable online casinos to choose. It is not the only thing, as you may find many options such as casino no deposit bonus promo code, pound frees and so on.

Where you

How to check PF Balance

fjHello, guys well you want to check your PF balance, then you step up in to right this article will gives whole information on how to check P.F balance. So, guys’ now checking PF balance is not a rocket science you can check it through online in simple way. Just follow the few steps given below.

Well as you starts your high earning it’s important to have PF account, it help you in many ways and its very important rule in a company to have PF account, once if you have your PF account you can check you PF balance easily

People may eagerly wait for their Annual slips to check there PF balance till the end of the month, now you can get rid of those problems.

Recently EPFO launched new facility to check your PF balance through online on real time without waiting for you annual PF account slips. This process is satisfied by many people and they received their PF status within 5 mints.

You can check the PF Balance with in few steps as follows and you will receive status update within few seconds.

How An Accountant Can Save Your Money?

5gEvery business includes many activities like recording the account details, cash flow details and managing the records. Good records and accounts give clarity to take the decision and depict the financial position of the business.

Hiring a trained accountant can take care of your accounts, cash flow management and your tax obligations. Leaving your books in safe hands can free up your time and you can focus on clients and implement plans for business growth. Expert  advice can be taken from accountants on how to maximise your benefits and minimise your taxes each year.

 Benefits Of Hiring An Accountant

 Helps In Tax Filing

Small business owners file a tax return on own to save fees paid to the accountant. But this has a risk of filling wrong details or submitting wrong documents to the government. A trained accountant can fill the complete forms with correct information and submit them on time. The government can penalize for not paying correct amount of tax on time. By choosing right accountant for your business helps to stay assured that the right forms will be completed, on right

Travel Insurance Things You Should Know

uiTravel is something that is meant to be enjoyable, fun and enriching experience. However, there are things that can go wrong in your travel itinerary and the same can result in complexities and troubles.

There are several things that can go wrong during the trip which can spoil your pre-planned vacation completely. That is why for protecting yourself from unwanted incidents  you need to get a suitable travel insurance policy.

Here are 6 things you should know before you go on your next trip. By spending a little time reading this, you can secure your trip and can enjoy the same to the fullest.

Purchase Travel Insurance Policy

Even if the visa necessities don’t say that, you should anyways buy a travel plan. It’s very cheap. For a 15 day trip to the US – you may require paying around Rs.1,000-1,500. It can save a lot of money in case of emergency that you might have had to otherwise spend from your pockets.

 Check Medical Coverage

Check if your travel insurance provides medical coverage, if not, then ask for it and if does, then check whether

Successful Stock Marketing Investing

vhInvesting in the stock market is a risky yet a lucrative Endeavour. Having a clearly defined strategy and a methodical approach makes it less stressful and less riskier to consistently extract profits from the market. Novice investors, however, fall into the common trap of diving head on without a plan of action. As a result, they spend maybe six months to one year aimlessly investing in whatever stock they fancied at the time. In the end, they dry up their accounts and are no longer able to participate in the stock market.

How to Successfully Invest Your Dollars

Successful stock market investing is achieved through the intersection of three factors – risk management, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. These three sections encompass every investment strategy out there, either independently or combined. Lacking any one of these factors punches holes into your investing approach and makes it vulnerable to huge monetary losses.

Risk Management

The best trading strategies have risk management parameters in place to protect capital from large losses. Whether you manually execute the strategy or implementing an automated system, sound principles of risk

Building Tomorrow With Pride

4rPride Palatia has been created with utmost professionalism and sophistication. The magnanimous project spreads over 1.8 acres of land base and is surrounded by beautiful scenic views. Pride Palatia offers a total of 104 apartments of two different configurations. The premium project has been constructed in a much planned manner and the minutest of the details have been taken care of. The project has 2 and 3BHK apartments of buildup area that range between 1140 – 1734 square feet. The price of the apartments in Pride Palatia goes from 54.1 – 82.4 lakh.

Pride Palatia is strategically located at Hennur Main Road, which is a prime location that holds significant importance. The locality has brilliant connectivity to prominent areas like Manayata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Road, etc.  Pride Palatia also happens to fall in close proximity to various social landmarks such as educational institutions like kinderdale International Preschool, an IPC School, Southern Asia Bible College, Kristu Jayanti College, ST. Theresa Bacq Kannada School, etc. hospitals like Ebenezer Hospital, Trinity Nursing Home, Medi Derma Hospital, Aveitha Hospital & Health Care, Sri Sai Nursing Home,

How to Do it Right

2fIt requires meticulous planning and undivided attention to creating and preserving your wealth, which is not an easy job that everyone can do as it needs understanding of risk exposure, diverse portfolios, and different asset classes. That is why there are Private bankers in India, who can help you providing personal wealth management solutions.

Manage Your Cash-flow

Knowing exactly how much your income and expenses is the first step to managing your wealth. Make sure to include income from all sources, direct and indirect. The same goes for expenses too. You can chalk out a plan with the help of a financial strategist to not just create wealth, but also preserve it.

More Savings

Once you are aware of your cash-flow, you can decide on how much you can afford to spend on a savings plan. Systematic investment plans or SIPs for short, are ideal for anyone in the initial phase of investments. Having a diversified portfolio is a good idea. Placing your eggs in different baskets, further secures your investment in the case of market fluctuations. Besides savings, ensure that you have some

Benefits of Indulging into Innovative Practices of Online Commodity Sharing

etA commodity in general can be defined as anything which can be used for trading purpose, either for exchanging or for a price tag over it. These could be anything, right from agricultural produce to natural resources such as oil. This entire process is intended to aid the investor in making some profit, which is ultimately also the sole motive behind why anyone would vest his time and interest in commodity trading after all.

With advancements in technology, it has today become a lot easier to indulge into online commodity trading. Primarily there are two ways in which this trading can be done. One involves people who put in their money directly and ultimately end up with profit or loss upon the same. The second method involves people who make the predictions, regarding trends of commodity trading and whether a particular category would make profit or not, without actually investing into any of those.

Benefits of Online Commodity Trading

There are indeed certain advantages that you as an investor can reap in when you do your commodity trading over the internet. Let’s take

Vatika The Turning Point Grand Residential Luxury

2dReal estate in Gurgaon is a class apart, obviously one of the leading regions across the country. Vatika Group has been quite instrumental in shaping up the cosmopolitan city, by delivering many exemplary specimens in the area. These are smart pieces in the commercial and residential sectors and have been invested into by many people, who will vouch for their service and high quality.

So the developers have been able to capture the pulse of the area since many years. Every project that they create is a proof of the deep understanding of local sensibilities, local climate, rising global aspirations and expectations of a globe-trotting gentry.

This fact comes to the fore in its new launch called Vatika The Turning Point, located at Sector 89 A in Gurgaon. When it comes to location, it is fantastic. This is because it is well connected to Delhi, Gurgaon and the new Manesar areas. Dwarka Expressway lend it the smooth accessibility and the NH-8 is another major transport corridor. There is a lot of rapid development activity in this area, and as a result it has been

How To Take Best And Affordable Orchestra Insurance

4gWould like to know how to purchase the best insurance plan for your lovable musical instruments? Well, you may find it difficult, but it is not that much difficult as you think. Once you will know complete and best strategies of the same, you will easily able to select the plan using out the best insurance company. So, let’s have a quick look, how to get the same and protect our valuable musical instruments, so easily.

Obviously, the first step is to find out the best insurance company on which you can rely and to do so, we must need to make up a list of 5-10 companies which can be picked using the power of internet. Based on your location or any particular search stream just type the same on any search engine and you will easily expect to have the best results.  For suppose, if you are looking for Bassoon Insurance, just type the same and you will get the best results in regards with the same. Later, you can easily make up a list and start

Importance Of Studio Coverage And Other Sorts of Insurance Plans

2gMost of the people don’t believe in taking insurance plan at all and they just love going on with their current saving, investing the same in stock markets and various other plans via which they can easily think about to get instant money. Surely, it will be the best idea, but ignoring insurance plan for anything, whether it is related with our lives, vehicles, house and even musical instrument, it must to have.

As we all know the life is unpredictable, however, we should definitely protect it up. Talking about instrumental insurance, most of the people don’t know about the same and those who know never put their best steps forward to do so. If you do the same, your instruments will get proper safety and security against any kind of small to large loss. If you lose your valuable instruments at any point of time, don’t worry as everything will be financed by your insurance company.

There are lots of advantages of the same, however, just check them now and get motivated to go to Studio Coverage or any

Must Know About Absolute Musicians Coverage

nbDoesn’t matter what kind of insurance plan you have taken, what matters a lot is its absolute offers or coverage. Surely, we have lots of insurance policies around us, but it is our prime duty to check whether it is giving us full protection against loss or not. Here, we will talk about musical instrument insurance, which is very much important to go. Most of the musicians, retailers, and everything else, don’t even know that such type of insurance also exists which can help anybody from big loss.

As real, authentic and best musical instruments cost a lot and it is our duty to protect these valuables. Have you ever thought, what will you do if your musical instrument needs to be fixed or met with an accident? You would surely know that it will cost you a lot and this way your budget will definitely be increased. Handling musical instrument is all about responsibility, but sometimes we unable to do so, however, it would be good to have a great back which can help us in a time of need.

Before buying any

Rainbow Motor Trade Insurance Policy

2Trader’s insurance is absolutely necessary but obtaining it can be sometimes stressful and difficult. If you work in a profession, where you need to travel a lot in different types of vehicles not owned by you, you need to acquire a motor trade insurance. Whether you are involved in trading of motor vehicles, repairs and servicing or any motor trade, a motor trade insurance is a must. Any vehicle undertaken by a motor trader for work, whether driven or parked are likely to be deemed under ‘care, custody or control’ and hence you require motor trade insurance which covers and meets all the terms of the Road Traffic Act. Depending upon whether you sell, trade, repair, valet or service motor vehicles, motor trade insurance is the safest solution.

Rainbow Motor Trade Insurance works along with a panel of 20 motor trade insurers who are best in this field and are there to compete for your business. Their various motor tradeinsurance policies are designed and customized for individual requirements. They offer Motor dealer insurance, valeter insurance, breakdown recovery insurance, vehicle delivery insurance, mechanic insurance etc. With 20 years of experience at hands,